User agreements

Carefully read the terms of the agreement before registering and using the resource The using of the system is possible only on these conditions. is a business entity of the Company that is the sole owner of the site on the basis of private property rights and provides organizational, financial, technical support for the existence and operation of the site (further the Company), places advertising funds on the sites of the Partners and attracts clients for the advertiser. If the User goes to the advertiser's website, the advertising network receives a pre-established reward.

1. General terms

The real Agreement is a public offer.

Everyone who has access to the materials of the resource accepts this Agreement.

  1. The advertiser is given the opportunity to advertise their goods and services if there is a positive balance in the system.
  2. The partners (sites and resources where the Company's advertising materials are placed) receive a pre-agreed remuneration from the Company.
  3. (further the Company) places advertising media on the websites of the Partners and attracts customers for the advertiser. If the User goes to the advertiser's website, the advertising network receives a pre-established reward.
  4. The Advertiser, Partners and the Company will be referred to as "Sides" in the document further.
  5. User is a person who, for one reason or another, visits the advertiser's website.
  6. The using of the advertising network is available to individuals and legal entities.
  7. The Sides automatically agree to the Agreement and undertake to comply with all its terms and conditions when registering in the advertising network.

2. Subject of the agreement

  1. The company manages and authorizes the using of its technical functionality hosted on the domain.
  2. When registering, the Sides agree that records and tracks all actions of advertisers and visitors, as well as conducts calculations, accepts remuneration from advertisers, if the transaction was carried out. A transaction can be a purchase of a product (impression or click). According to the collected data, the Company determines whether the transaction took place or not.
  3. The company has the right to suspend its services for the duration of technical and preventive work. The Company does not undertake to compensate for losses incurred by advertisers during this period.

3. Rules of using

  1. The Sides guarantee that the data provided during registration is true.
  2. The Sides guarantee that the data for accessing the advertising network will not be transferred to third sides.
  3. The advertiser undertakes to strictly comply with all the requirements of the advertiser and the current legislation of the country where advertising media is placed on the Internet.
  4. The Advertiser undertakes to pay remuneration to the Company for a predetermined range of actions (impression or click) on the advertised resource from the showcase or from the Partner's website.
  5. The counting of the number of clicks made is carried out using the counter of the system. The User agrees with the provision, as well as with all the rules, that when the Administration automatically debits funds from the User's balance, only this data is taken into account. This real provision of the rules is obligatory for all Users without exception.
  6. The administration of the service provides registered users with a set of functionalities aimed at the implementation by Users of their tasks to attract the attention of the audience to the promoted products.
  7. The administration of the service notifies and warns Visitors and Users that part of the functionality of the service is provided for use on a paid basis.
  8. The User replenishes the balance of his personal account by depositing funds into the account of the Administration in order to pay for the functionality provided by the service.
  9. Replenishment of the balance of the personal account is carried out by the User in the "Balance" tab of the User's personal account by means of the User using the payment system functionality on his own. In the case that the User wishes to replenish the balance of his personal account in a non-cash format it can be done by depositing funds to the current account of the Administration, the User independently requests support through the personal account. Payment for services is carried out only on the basis of invoices issued by the Administration.
  10. The minimum amount to top up the balance using the method provided for in clause 3.9. Is not less than 100 US dollars. The Administration has the right not to respond to requests from Users that do not meet the requirements set out in this clause of the Agreement.
  11. The Sides agreed that in case of replenishing the balance of the personal account, the obligation to pay the associated costs (commissions of payment systems, bank fees, etc.) in the amount determined by the rules of the relevant payment system rests with the User.
  12. The burden of paying taxes, fees, as well as other mandatory payments provided by law for transactions carried out in a non-cash format, rests with the User.
  13. The Administration refills the balance of the User's personal account in USD at the rate of the bank serving the Administration. 3.6. after the replenishment. The administration of the service provides registered users with a set of functionalities aimed at the implementation by Users of their tasks to attract the attention of the audience to the promoted products.

4. Obligations of the sides

  1. The Sides are fully responsible for the funds received on their account. All transactions with financial resources must comply with the current legislation of the Sides.
  2. The Sides are independently obliged to provide the authorized state entity with information on their income, as well as to pay all taxes and fees in accordance with the legislation of the Sides.

5. Prohibitions and restrictions

  1. The Sides are prohibited from participating in various types of propaganda of violence; sexual, racial, religious, ethnic, sexual, age, inferior discrimination and other illegal activities.
  2. The Sides undertake not to interfere with the normal operation of the advertising network, not to affect the performance of servers, not to make hacking attempts, not to use various kinds of attacks, spam to disrupt the operation of the advertising network.
  3. The Sides are strictly prohibited from imitating or falsifying the conclusion of the transaction (click on the website or the advertiser's page).
  4. The advertiser is prohibited from creating more than 1 account in the system. If multiple user accounts are found, blocking without withdrawing funds is possible.

6. Protection of information

The Company undertakes to keep all the data of the Sides in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

7. Requirements for sites and Webmasters (Partners)

  1. We do not accept sites with harmful software blocked by Kaspersky or marked by Google, Firefox as unsafe.
  2. The administration reserves the right to reject any site without giving a reason.
  3. The administration reserves the right to reject the payment if: there is a suspicion of clicks cheating, on the complaint of the advertiser, in other cases.
  4. They are prohibited:
    1. any methods of cheating, including with the participation of third sides, encrypting java scripts for cheating, using bookbox systems, bots, mail, social and messenger mailings (VK, Skype, Telegram, ICQ and others);
    2. direction of repeated (or unbought) traffic from other affiliate programs and ad networks;
    3. modification of the source code of ad units issued to a partner for installation on his website;
    4. changing of the content of broadcast ad units;
  5. The Partner and the Company undertake not to use prohibited methods of driving traffic to the Advertiser's website.
  6. The administration does not enter into correspondence about the severity of the violation and / or specific techniques, and also does not disclose the algorithms for checking partners.

8. Requirements for advertising materials of the Advertiser:

  1. The resource should not contradict to the rules of the legislation. In particular, we do not work with:
    1. sites that use swear words, offensive and obscene expressions, comparisons and images in relation to race, gender, nationality, social categories, profession, age, official state and religious symbols;
    2. sites on which information is inaccurate, dishonest, misleads the User or may harm the User:
      • contains false information about a product or service;
      • does not give a clear idea of who the seller or representative of goods / services is.
    3. sites that encourage the User to violence, cruelty, and illegal actions.
  2. The resource must open correctly in the browser, not contain program and script errors.
  3. The resource should not offer the User the installation of harmful software or carry out phishing attacks. If there are rules and restrictions for advertising a product / service, the advertiser is obliged to familiarize the administration with them and provide the necessary information (licenses, certificates and other documentation related to the proposed product or service).
  4. The advertiser undertakes not to use "substitution" (redirecting and / or displaying other content that is different from what it was at the time of the moderation). In case of using spoofing, the advertiser's account will be blocked without the possibility of a refund.
  5. Additional restrictions on promotional materials are described in this document.

9. Default with the terms of the Agreement

  1. If the Advertiser has violated the Agreement, he will be given a warning. If the rules of this Agreement are violated again, the Advertiser's account will be blocked. After blocking the user's account, it is forbidden to try again to resume work with the Company.
  2. An advertiser who maliciously ignores this Agreement and uses fraudulent methods to receive traffic to sites that contradict Chapter 8 of this Agreement, undertakes to pay a fine of 500 USD.
  3. In the event of a litigation due to the fault of one of the Sides, all legal costs are paid by the Side.
  4. Advertisers and / or webmasters who violate these real Rules will be held liable by the Administration, including in terms of limiting the functionality of the accounts of the mentioned persons, up to the complete and permanent blocking of access to the account of the mentioned persons.
  5. In the event of the occurrence of the conditions provided for in clause 9.4., with the participation of the Advertiser, the Administration returns the balance balance to the Advertiser, but at the same time has the right to withhold 50% of the amount of such balance as penalties.
  6. In the event of the occurrence of the conditions provided for in clause 9.4., with the participation of the Webmaster, the balance remaining on the Webmaster's account is non-refundable and is charged by the Administration as penalties.
  7. The Advertiser and the Webmaster have read the rules of clauses 9.4. - 9.6., being of sound mind and with a clear memory, understand the essence and depth, as well as the completeness of the envisaged legal responsibility and the consequences of violation of such Rules, agree with their provisions and accept them fully.
  8. The Sides agreed that the Administration has the right to restrict, block the access of the User (including an unregistered visitor) to the Company's website without giving any reason, partially or completely use its functionality, with partial or complete removal of information that was posted by such a User on the website.

10. Other conditions

  1. The Sides guarantee that they have read this Agreement before registering and that they understand all its points. Upon registration, the Sides accept and undertake to execute the Agreement. Registration implies sending the Side's data through the form on the main page of the resource.
  2. The advertiser guarantees that the resource will be used strictly for the intended purpose.
  3. Your advertisment may be rejected if the ad does not comply with the general advertising policy, views and beliefs of the Administration.

11. Rights and obligations of the sides

  1. The company is not responsible for unforeseen failures in the operation of the resource and the losses incurred by the sides.
  2. The company has the right to edit this Agreement unilaterally.
  3. The advertiser is responsible for entering correct and reliable information when registering in the system.
  4. The user undertakes not to violate the current legislation when navigating to the site, and understands that the using of site materials without the consent of the copyright holder is not allowed.
  5. The user agrees that the Company does not bear any responsibility and does not have any obligations to him in connection with any kind of losses or difficulties that have arisen from contacting the resources or using any materials advertised on or resources of the Partner and the Advertiser.
  6. No information in the Agreement can be perceived by the User as the establishment of an agency or any other relationship of any kind between the User and the Company, if they are not expressly provided for by this Agreement.
  7. The User confirms that he is familiar with and accepts the clauses of this Agreement when performing any action (clicking on advertising materials, using materials from Advertisers, etc.).
  8. The Sides agreed that a commission is withheld from the amounts of funds to be withdrawn by the company at the request of the user (at least 5$), which depends on which system the money is withdrawn to.